EUROPE on the Move

Your point of view on the future of Europe is very respectable. Many other points of view of many European citizens are also respectable. But the EU is in danger and therefore has reached a dangerous situation on the verge of breaking up. You can say : "I am polish and I live in Poland. My culture is polish and European"
But the European Union needs a Constitution, otherwise it has no future. Imagine that the European Union breaks up...there will no longer be free movement of people, nor will university degrees be recognized in another State other than Poland ...and many other things that today people take for granted...but it is not sure. No one expected a war in Europe and suddenly we have a war in Ucraine
In addition, I leave you other advantages and reflections below:

* A Constitution that provides the capacity to handle global crises such as the 2008 financial crisis, the Covid pandemic, climate change, the war in the east of Europe.

* A Constitution that prevents internal crises such as the conflicts about the rule of law and democracy that we are experiencing in the EU.

* A Constitution that respects the sovereignty and cultural identity of Member States and Regions.

* A Constitution that makes Europe a serious, reliable geopolitical player, with a common foreign policy.

* A Constitution that guarantees peace, security and prosperity and lives up to the legitimate expectations and demands of European citizens.

* A Constitution of, by and for the Citizens of Europe that we ask to be submitted to the ratification of European citizens.

The Federated States of Europe will be a Federation where the Member States will have their own sovereignty. The Federation will only have the powers that the Member States cannot carry out themselves.

Let the people of Europe know that the time has come to replace the EU-treaties by our democratic federal Constitution: ‘All sovereignty rests with the people’.

It is in your hands that the European Union does not break... so get to work for a Europe of citizens with a Federal Constitution.

We are making History...!!!

J. Giner
Email: info@europaenmarcha.eu

Oficial version of the European Federal Constitution: